Solardam - Amsterdam Solar Energy Research Initiative


The availability of energy, in the form of electricity, heat and fuel, is one of the most crucial elements determining the wealth and stability of our modern society. Our strong reliance on fossil fuels cannot be maintained in the long run, and will lead to unacceptable climate risks. With rising worldwide energy consumption, a revolution in the way we produce energy is needed to safeguard a sustainable future. Energy consumption scenarios of the International Energy Agency (IEA) predict that by the year 2050 we must have a production capacity of at least 20 TW (terawatts) of CO2-neutral energy in order to keep the atmospheric CO2 concentration at an acceptable level. Increasing costs and decreasing availability of existing energy sources (oil, gas) will further increase the demand for renewable energy. A key ingredient of the revolution in energy production is solar energy. To meet the challenge for 2050, we must learn how to use the energy of the sun efficiently. This is precisely what this Solardam aims for.

Published by  IOP

12 October 2015