Solardam - Amsterdam Solar Energy Research Initiative

Solardam consortium receives AAA funding

13 January 2015

The Solardam consortium has received initial funding from the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA). With this funding for Solardam, VU and UvA have the unique opportunity to establish a coherent solar energy research programme based on the concentrated expertise in the Amsterdam area.

The consortium encompasses many of the disciplines within the science faculties in Amsterdam and makes optimal use of the proximity of AMOLF and the Energy research Center of the Netherlands (ECN).

About Solardam

The goal of Solardam is to carry out a multidisciplinary research programme to harvest energy from the sun by generating electricity and fuel through combinations of photovoltaics, photocatalysis and photosynthesis. The Solardam initiative builds on successful energy research programs of the contributing partners. By bringing together expertise and sharing facilities the collaborating partners are able to address problems that could previously not be solved by any of the individual parties alone.

Together, the Solardam partners form a consortium of about 100 researchers, including several outstanding research groups from AMOLF and ECN. The excellence of the scientists involved can be inferred from the significant number of prestigious grants they have received: 3 ERC Advanced grants, 2 ERC Consolidator grants, 3 ERC Starting grants, 8 NWO Vici grants, as well as numerous NWO Vidi and smaller grants.

At the core of the AAA-funded research programme are eight focused kick-off projects on the interface between two or more of the affiliated research teams. Each project starts with the acquisition of an excellent postdoctoral scientist, associated to two principal investigators from different groups at UvA, VU, AMOLF and ECN. The kick-off projects will form a solid core activity of Solardam: research nuclei with growth ambition and capability. After the start-up phase, enabled by the AAA funding, it is expected that Solardam will be consolidated as a strong consortium that can sustainably acquire funding through the usual national and international channels.


About the Amsterdam Academic Alliance

The Amsterdam universities VU and UvA have the ambition to intensify their collaboration, as well as with other knowledge institutions based in Amsterdam. Therefore, they joint forces and established the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA). The aim of the AAA is to make Amsterdam a hub for international competitiveness and academic excellence. The collaborations can result in different outcomes per academic domain.